Modifying the Beetles

I'm toying with the idea of stenciling on top of my beetle paintings. I like the added texture, and I keep feeling like they're missing something. Haven't committed yet... these are Photoshopped.


More Birch Trees

Started another birch painting last night at Studio Tuesday. They're actually a little further along than this now, I'll post an update later.


Fenced in...

Another 5x7 dog, just finished him up on Studio Tuesday too. Until recently my dogs were almost always behind fences, chained in yards, or otherwise contained by human architecture. It's only been this year that they've finally broken free and are running around on their own.


More in-progress

Started a new birch tree painting last night at Studio Tuesday. It's still very much in progress.


Dandelion Dog

This one's really tiny, only 4" x 6".

Sketching dogs again

Some more dog sketches from my sketchbook. I've started playing with the top one for a 22" x 30" painting.



Tonight after painting I worked on a flyer for my ongoing art-night, Studio Tuesday.



Here's another beetle I just finished... iPhone photos, but you get the idea.


And another...

This one is a very small painting, only 5x7. Still might work on his extended front paw.