More Design...

The Stranger's Valentine's Bash is coming up, and the design has gone live... I originally used a more distressed font for the dates, but was over-ruled. I'm still really happy with the results, and this is always a fun project to work on. I actually cut-and-pasted the heart to the doilies, then went outside with a lighter and went to town on it: burned it, stomped on it, ground dirt into it... fun times!


Design concepts

I've been bad about posting even though I have been sketching. I'll post sketches soon!

In the meantime, this is a project I've been working on, a logo for the Seattle Housing Levy. I started off with some blockier concepts, but they indicated they wanted something softer and brushier. I spent most of yesterday painting little people in my sketchbook with india ink, which was actually kinda fun. I'm not terribly fond of the font, but it goes with the aesthetic they were trying to achieve.

This is my favorite one... other concepts here.